Message from Headteacher

Thank you for logging on to the Honeywell Junior School website. I hope you find the content of this site both interesting and informative.

My name is Duncan Roberts and I have been the Headteacher of Honeywell Junior School for seven years. Prior to that I was the Acting Headteacher and before that I was the Deputy. I am proud and privileged to be the Headteacher of this school I will strive to ensure that it continues to develop and improve.

At Honeywell we focus on the needs of the individual child: we want the children to succeed and excel in as many ways as possible and we give our pupils as many opportunities to do so as possible.

Academically, our pupils do very well both in their end of year SATs and in their transfer to their secondary schools. We are proud of these achievements as they reflect the commitment and drive of all the members of the school community.

In sport we have a strong tradition, which led us to receive the Sport England “Gold Activemark” award last year. In the school curriculum the children learn the skills of a large number of games or activities. Outside the curriculum we run many sporting clubs and we take part (successfully) in a considerable number of matches or tournaments.

Our Art department has received considerable praise. We strive to keep the classrooms and other learning areas attractive, informative and wherever possible, interactive. Children are given opportunities to use a variety of artistic materials and to experience a range of works from numerous artists.

As you see we provide a lot of opportunities to our pupils and we expect a lot from them. In their work children are required to do their best and set themselves challenging targets. In their behaviour the children are expected to be courteous, sensible and considerate.

I firmly believe in order for the pupils and school to flourish all members of the community should feel valued and feel able to contribute to Honeywell’s development. I meet with parents as often as I can and I am keen for the parents to help in the school. I am also extremely grateful for the support (both financial and practical) that our parent association provides.

As I stated earlier, I hope you find the website helpful. It is designed to provide you with all the necessary information that you would need if you are parent, prospective parent or if you a simply interested in the school. If there is anything you would like clarified, please feel free to contact the school and we will assist you; we would also like to receive your thoughts about our website.

I hope you enjoy finding out about the school.