About Honeywell

At Honeywell we aim to promote a caring and welcoming atmosphere where our children are motivated and confident to learn.

Our expectations are that all pupils achieve the highest personal standards of excellence in learning, behaviour and understanding of themselves and others, through a caring, supportive and secure environment, where every child is valued as important as the next.

We value positive attitudes to learning, where children work hard, persevere, are conscientious and achieve the best that they can.

We value a respect for others that includes caring for others, being aware of peoples’ feelings, understanding that others’ beliefs may be different to our own and respecting those beliefs.

We value good behaviour and abidance of school rules and class codes of conduct.

We value children who show a keen sense of responsibility and common sense in their actions and behaviour.

We value creativity and imagination. We value doing things well, whether it be work, drama, music, sport, art or getting on with others, being a friend, being part of a group or of the larger community.

We have high expectations of each individual child encouraging academic, personal and social success.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through our web site.